Laser® Mk 2 Standard Replacement Sail Only

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The MSB Replacement Laser® Mark 2 Radial Cut Standard Size Sail Only.

Latest standard size sail for the Competitive Laser® Sailor.  

Please note that this sail does not come with either battens, long sail bag, sail numbers or telltails – If you require these items you can benefit from massive savings by purchasing the Sail package.

The Mark 2 is much more durable due to it’s Bi Radial construction. Re-inforced patches also increase durability and help maintain even sail shape. Our Sail is not just made in the old cross cut sail cloth in the new radial design.  It is our new 3.8oz cloth with the new wider and larger window for improved visability.  The sail feels more manageable needing less downhaul, very similar to the genuine Laser® sail.  More vang/kicker is required to bring the fullness away from the luff.  Feedback is postive and the general view is the sail is more powerful than the older cross cut.  

Do not mistake our sails for cheap training sails – they are designed for competitive club racing.

Note: If your boat is 4.7 or Radial Rigged you will need a Standard Bottom Mast to use this sail – see our Spar Section.  The kicker is interchangeable between the three rig options.


MSB Delivery

Delivery is free for orders over £15 with the exception of spars. Free delivery applies to UK Mainland only not including the Scottish Highlands. For other destinations please ring or email us for costs.

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Laser® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and currently licensed for use in Europe to Laser Performance (Europe) Limited. Maldon Sailboats is fully independent of both Laser Performance (Europe) Limited and Velum Limited.

MSB replacement parts should not be confused with official parts bearing the Laser® registered trademark.
You cannot use our products if you are sailing at an Association event. However, they are perfect for club sailing, training, recreational sailing and sailing schools. There are significant cost savings when purchasing MSB parts compared to the genuine branded equivalent.